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Beat Winter Dryness

Posted on December 28 2017

Beat Winter Dryness

 Your skin is itchy, possibly even flaky; Lips are cracking and chapped constantly. Resisting the urge to scratch is close to impossible, leading to "ashy" looking skin, which is quite frankly nothing short of obnoxious. Well, its one of the prices you pay, for living in New York City (along with dozens of other cities all around the world), where winters are cold and holidays are often greeted with snow.. along with a certain inconvenience known as "winter dryness". No matter skin color, race or nationality, winter dryness affects everyone, and can be certainly annoying to say the least. Fortunately there are numerous ways to fight back in order to beat that pesky dryness, and comfortably enjoy the season in soft, moisturized skin. So, lets dive in..

  1. Water - When it comes to staying moisturized, drinking water on daily basis is at the top of my list. Not only will you stay hydrated; but your health, appearance, and so on will benefit in tons of ways that I am sure I don't even need to mention. But, I do feel this simple task gets overlooked since so many people are too busy drinking coffee, energy drinks, or whatever containing sugar. However, passing on water is a big no-no especially in the winter, when all of the holidays make people prone to consuming alcohol; which majorly hydrates you on the inside and out. Remember, "you are what you eat" - or in this case "you are what you drink." So drink up.. WATER that is.
  2. Lotion - Obviously second on my list because, well, duh; whenever we have dry skin, our brains are wired to immediately go for the creams which is right. However, when dealing with certain dryness caused by changing seasons, sometimes we need thicker lotions to properly combat the dryness. Creme De La Mer by La Mer, for one is an excellent choice, and one that I've started using as of recent as my facial moisturizer. Its thickness leaves my skin super moisturized, and dewy for days, and its effects are noticed almost instantly which is a certain glow on my skin. It has truly become my favorite, and its no wonder to me now as to why it is such a cult classic in society. It does however come at a steep price for $315 for 2oz but I think its worth it (plus it comes with a cute little spatula! lol). If you don't want to shell out the big bucks for this brand, you can substitute for a similar, yet cheaper version by Nivea for about $9. I find this cream to have a strikingly similar thick consistency, and has many times been compared to La Mer's Creme De La Mer; people have even gone as far as stating that these two creams share the same ingredients (I highly doubt this claim as you can completely tell the difference, especially in the scent - as La Mer smells much better.) Plus, Nivea can be used all over your body, as well as Cocoa Butter - another favorite of mine with thick consistency, that I have been using for years, as opposed to Creme De La Mer which would mostly be applied on your face only. The key here, I believe is to find a cream with a thick consistency that will absorb, and penetrate into your skin, leaving skin hydrated for longer.
    **Hempz & Marrakesh - great lotions, with awesome consistency - and BOTH are on the cheaper side! ..
  3. Lips obviously get very dry and chapped, so a good moisturizer is crucial.
    Tip: Personally I feel that "Chapstick" is terrible for lips. As popular as this brand is, it is actually NOT good for your lips because it contains vaseline, which tends to dry your lips out even more. Another brand that isn't great is EOS believe it or not. Okay okay, yes I own almost every single one they made, but thats ONLY because i was obsessed with their cool shapes and colors and I loved mix matching their tops, but as for actually added moisture? Negative.
    Now lets get to GOOD lip moisturizers.. "Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm with Kokum Butter" by Burt's Bee's is excellent. "Care & Color" by Nivea. 
    Sugar by FRESH is also a top fav lip conditioner of mine that I swear by.

  4. Tinted Moisturizer - A great way to stay moisturized and add some glow for me is using a self-tanner or tinted moisturizer. Now you need to be extra careful with self-tanners, and here I suggest not be "frugal" as you do not want to look orange, streaky, or discolored as many bad creams can make you look. As of recent I started using yet another product by La Mer (are you seeing a pattern here yet?) I found the tanning lotion by La Mer ($100) to be an amazing way to stay moisturized, as it is both a tanner and moisturizer in one. Firstly, La Mer is a well known luxury skincare brand so it is no shock that their tanner is well above average; which is non-greasy, and goes on smoothly and evenly - leaving no streaks, mess or discolorations (which many other tanners are prone to.) Now, not only does it provide a nice, subtle glow but, it kept my skin nicely moisturized all day long, well into the night - whether I was in the indoor heat, or out in the cold.. and THATS what i call "killing two birds with one stone." If you don't want to go with an actual self-tanner, you can choose to add some color with a tinted moisturizer, as I sometimes do. I'm not a huge fan of foundation, so I sometimes add the tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier ($44.) It contains SPF20, is oil-free and goes on beautifully and streak-free, and my skin appears to look as if I am wearing makeup which is the best part!
  5. Facial Mist Spray - Facials sprays, I believe are fairly new (to me at least), yet amazing and have become my newest go-to. These are mainly water-based sprays, so one can argue that they would not want to spend money on "water", but, these sprays actually have great, beneficial additives like certain oils that are good for your skin. Additives or not, just a couple of spritz will immediately add moisture to your face at anytime; and can be used with or without makeup. Currently, I alternate from two different sprays: "The Mist" by La Mer priced at $75; and "Rosewood Reviving Mist" by Monu Spa (a British company) priced at $28. Many companies make these sprays now; you can even get a facial mist for about $15 from Evian. I love these, and carry them in my purse to spray throughout my day, and truly feel refreshed each time! Here, I truly don'y think you need to shell out too much money for because, yes you are only spraying water onto your face, and if you have a great moisturizer then the added oils and minerals aren't as important.
  6. Aroma Therapy Diffusers & Humidifiers - Not only does the blistering cold weather dry your skin out, but obviously so does the heat we are exposed to indoors. Whether the heat is actively on or not, the lingering heat remains removing any and all humidity from the air. Therefore a crucial necessity to keep some balance in the air during the winter months is an aroma therapy diffuser or a humidifier, which I actually use both all year 'round. Both are generally similar in that they both use water and work by adding humidity into the air in the form of vapor; the aroma therapy diffuser tends to be smaller in size and is used with essential oils, while the humidifier is larger and used mainly alone or with few scents that specifically pair to the machine. I like to use both in order to get the most humidity into my living spaces... There are many different essential oils you can add to the aroma therapy diffuser and you can find many benefits from different oils depending on what it is you need.
  7. Masks & Exfoliants - If your face is extra dry and you have been lack in staying moisturized this season, then you may want to start with a fresh, clean slate. You can and should do exactly this by exfoliating; ridding of all the dead dry skin on both your face and body.
    Body - One of my favorite go-to body scrubs is Patchouli Lavender Vanilla by Sabon. A company from Israel known for their bath and body products- specifically their soaps. Plus, they have really cool stores that you MUST visit if you are into bath & body stuff! Their shops have huge sinks made from stone imported from Israel right smack in the middle of their stores, where you get a chance to try out their scrubs and soaps. This dead-sea body scrub contains vitamins and minerals like Vitamin E, Almond, and Jojoba & Borage Oils to name a few, and for $35 you get plenty in a glass jar. Patchouli Lavender Vanilla happens to be my favorite scent for all of their products as a matter of fact (soap, body butter/lotion, room diffuser, etc.), but you can choose from scents like delicate jasmine, rose tea, tropic, kiwi mango, vanilla coconut, musk and more!

    Face - Of course if the skin on your face is by now super dry- like I said start by exfoliating first with either "ExfoliKate" by Kate Somerville or "Positively Radiant" by Aveeno.

    Lips - Exfoliating your lips is just as important, especially for those of you who have lip fillers (as I do), and tend to deal with constant chapped, dry lips due to the fillers.  Anytime I use an exfoliator on my face, I make sure to apply the same onto my lips as well. I also use Glam Glow lip scrub occasionally, but I think you are safe with applying any exfoliator; you dont need to use a specific lip scrub. Lips always seem to get the worst of it during the winter; and this is especially true and actually worse for those of us who have lip fillers. For some reason lip fillers cause chapped dry lips all year 'round, so we have to constantly apply some kind of chapstick, gloss, lip conditioner, etc. 
  8. Moisturizing Socks & Mittens - Yes you read that right! Moisturizing socks and mittens - they exist! You can buy these already made or you can simply do this yourself.
    Hands are one of the first few parts on our body that age the quickest (besides our necks); so during cold winter months it is highly advisable to wear gloves (plus its cold so if you dont want to freeze your butt off - WEAR GLOVES!) Now if you find that your hands are becoming dry, you can use lotion yes, or you can take it a step further by wearing specialty gloves that come already prepared with lotion. They have these for feet as well. The idea to this is to lock-in the moisture, and they actually work pretty well and do the trick! I use >>>
    Now, you don't necessarily need to buy these, because you can actually just get a pair of spa gloves and spa socks, and wear them over overly lotion-lathered hands and feet and voila! Keep them on for as long as you like, and be ready to have the softest toes and fingers ever.
  9. Baths - This is my favorite way to keep dryness at bay. Soaking in baths is not only relaxing, but it is also beneficial, so there is almost no reason to not take nice, long baths... its also one of the funner ways to beat winter dryness. You can add essential oils that will leave your skin feeling oooh-la-la when you get out..
    *If you don't have time to take a bath, fret not! You can add a bath oil to your regular shower. I use "My Burberry" by Burberry, and it leaves my skin feeling silky, and smelling amazing. You can also add body conditioners such as "African Paradise" by Lush.

Dry skin is something we deal with naturally all year 'round. Certain seasons affect the levels of dryness, with winters heightening that level in two ways. One due to the cold air and wind outdoors, and then indoors by our heating system. For one, dry skin is uncomfortable, and can even affect our appearance but thankfully there are several ways to achieve and maintain moisturized skin.
If you have tried all of the ways to battle dreaded dryness that I have listed, you should not only be super moisturized, but you should probably have new skin, and even be able to say that "you have 99 problems but dry skin ain't one." Haha. All jokes aside though, you can choose to completely ignore all of these methods and just apply creams or lotions occasionally, BUT, need I remind you.. dry skin leads to wrinkles. Whether you are 21 or 41, it will catch up to you; so if you are thinking you are too young and don't need to worry about wrinkles, think twice because it will catch up to you, sooner than later. I say this time and time again, please do not neglect your skin! UV rays, tanning, sleeping in your makeup, not getting enough sleep.. all of these things can and WILL contribute to aging, and seasonal dryness is just one more to add to that list, but you can do something about it. It can be so simple.. as simple as opting for a glass of water the next time you reach for a drink.
So, you may not want to follow each and every method listed, but even if you decide to try a few, you will be better off.


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