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Soften Your Feet with Bootsies! (Click here to read)

Posted on September 30 2017

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As we get older, it becomes more and more apparent that our bodies begin to require special attention and certain body parts need extra TLC. Each and every part of our body needs care, and while many of you may think/feel/believe you are doing everything you need to ( from skincare, to moisturizing, eating right, etc); lots of you, however may actually be neglecting one very important part of your body..

This may be one of the parts of your body least spoken about; and with the least exposure.
Some people have fetishes for them and others may skeeve them... FEET.

Yepp - we're talking about feet today. And uhh - I am for sure one of those people who are SKEEVED out by feet (in other words, NOT A FAN). But, regardless of my dislike - I undoubtedly tend for my little hoofs and the 10 tenderoni's attached lol.

I am the kind of girl who frequents nail salons on a regular basis. I make sure to go every two weeks and get my usual mani/pedi. Pedicures are a great way to keep up with/maintain proper foot/paw care; the foot soak, the scrub, and obviously the meticulous nail care. 
Quick tip: Personally, I do not use nor advise the use of the following: pumice stones, foot files, and the dreaded scraping tools (which are actually now banned in most places).
Explanation: I have been getting professional pedicures since around the age of 12, and was always very ticklish so I would never allow the technicians to use these tools on the bottoms of my feet (only the soft sponges). I have fortunately never had any callouses or rough skin on the bottom of my feet anyways so there was no point in using these tools on my feet. One day a few years back, I had went to a new, last minute nail salon, and the technician used one of the harsh tools (i dont even know which one it was to be honest because I had been distracted with my phone - and not paying attention, otherwise I would have instructed her to not use these tools). The second I felt the harsh device/appliance, I quickly jerked back, but by then she had already been half-way through with one foot, so I allowed her to carry on with my other foot. BIG MISTAKE!
Immediately after, the bottoms of my feet felt EXTREMELY SMOOTH; now mind you my feet were already smooth.. but this was like totally new skin- like a baby wow! I was impressed, and thought to myself "okay its not so bad", and decided to continue by adding this routine to my standard bi-weekly pedi appointments.
After about maybe a month or so, I began noticing my smooth skin turning rough! And I mean, very rough!After a few months of tool-less pedicures, my feet were still dry and a bit rough. I was so discouraged and angry as a mother-effer!
I was mortified, being I never had this problem. I put two and two together and came up with my own conclusion that this was a direct result from these pedicure devices. I immediately said enough was enough and returned to my standard pedicure routine minus the wicked buffers, and used TONS of creams (and by use - i mean SLATHER. Finally, after a few months my feet went back to friggin' normal! 
Now that folks, is how i came to the conclusion to STAY AWAY FROM THE TOOLS!
( I wonder how many girls have had their feet ruined and never realized to put two and two together! ..and its not just feet; its pretty ironic how many beauty salons and treatments may actually do the opposite of its intent and dramatically ruin your appearance, but thats an entirely different topic/article.)
Now, understandably if you do in fact suffer from callouses or rough, dry, cracked feet - then yes, by all means you probably SHOULD use it and it may actually benefit you.

"Baby Soft Foot Peel" by Boscia
Aside, from the many foot creams I have used, I came across this new product by Boscia called "Baby Soft Foot Peel", which claims to exfoliate your feet by peeling away dead skin cells. Each package comes with one pair of little clear booties with footprint designs, and within the booties there is some kind of wet, mask-like material that has some of the following ingredients like, Papaya, Orange, and Apple Fruit extracts, flower extracts, castor oil, menthol and lemon peel oil.

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I tried this product out two days ago. I took a shower, and placed my freshly cleansed feet inside- which I then had to strap up with scotch tape to secure them well because they were so big. I seriously looked like I had elf feet, until I put on fluffy socks over the booties to create warmth. The package instructs you to wear them for 60 to 90 minutes, but I lasted only 60 minutes since you are not supposed to move around in them (which I did a few times to tend to my 4 legged buddy Ringo).



After an hour of productive writing and foot treatment, I removed the booties and rinsed off my feet with warm water, patted them dry and applied some Victoria's Secret lotion. 
Results: Immediately after removing the booties, I recognized that all too familiar smoothness that I had felt the first time those dreadful tools were used at the nail salon. The bottoms of my footsies felt so soft, almost velvety smooth, especially after the warm water rinse and the cream I used. No peeling at all however; yes it does mention the peeling would take place several days after.. but I at least thought it would have peeled off a little something' something' ...
Here I am two days after and still no peeling effect of any kind. I will continue to post updates in the next coming days of whether anything has changed. But as of now, just pure smoothness, so I'm happy.

**Beauty Tip 101**  -- Want to know one of the truly best ways to hydrate your footsies? ..
Apply a good amount of your favorite cream or lotion, and immediately afterwards cover  your feet with a good pair of fuzzy socks to lock in the moisture! (Your feet will thank you! .. and you will thank me! lol)

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