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Is it Really "The Cure" (Click here to read)

Posted on October 11 2017




If your Facebook and/or Instagram timeline looks anything like mine; then I am pretty sure your feed has been filled with loads of ads for "Hanacure"; The so-called "All-In-One-Facial". Well, after some time of seeing all the ads, and then seeing the pictures of the actual mask itself on customers (which I may add I have only two words to describe the masks: CREEPY CRAWLY).. I just HAD to try it!
Not to mention all the hype about/around this product really did lure me in... they had supposedly already been sold out once and were even selling on Ebay for as much as $75 for the "Starter" which is a set containing just one application which retails for $29 on their website ( ).

I checked their website and noticed their products were in stock; they had two sets to choose from: "The Starter" (which I mentioned contained 1 application and costs $29), and the "Set" (which contains 4 applications, costing $110). Since I just wanted to test out the product I ordered the "Starter", and a few days later received my very own "Hanacure"; and right away I was immediately impressed at the packaging!
Super innovative packaging; reminiscent of the Apple products' box packaging (white color, superb quality packaging); and even the instruction booklet is impressive ( nice layout, with a picture of a lotus flower on the front). The lotus flower is their way to express that your skin will be "reborn"; just as the significance behind the Lotus flower itself.

However, I waited a few days to try it out because I had used several other face masks and I did not want to irritate my skin from product overload - which CAN and WILL happen if you overdo it and use TOO many products over a short time span.



Late last night I was finally ready to try out my mask.
The box contains 3 items: 1 small bottle of serum, 1 gel solution, and 1 Hanacure brush. I followed the included instructions carefully (again, very impressive instruction booklet with a picture of a Lotus flower on the front); and began my experience and to prepare my formulated mask.. 

First, I started by washing my face with my Chanel Foam Cream Cleanser, and then I proceeded to mix the bottle of serum with the gel solution; by pouring the entire bottle of serum into the gel. Interesting.. I shook the small mixture for around 30 seconds (it only said to shake for 20 seconds but i wanted to ensure it was perfectly mixed). Now I was ready to apply. YAY.

I applied the solution all around my face; neck and décolletage ( low neckline/above cleavage area) with the Hanacure brush (avoiding under my eyes, lids, and lips). I did not, however apply any on the backs my hands as advised and optional.

After a few minutes, my skin began tingling with a slight burning sensation in a few spots. Naturally, that gave me the feeling that it was working.

My face really did look like a bit insane... only two words come to mind: CREEPY CRAWLY lol. It looked a little bit like Halloween makeup effects.

**The 1st picture below is after about 10-15 mins*
**The 2nd & 3rd picture's below are at the end (30 mins)*


It says to leave on for 30 minutes, but I went over by a few minutes only because I was taking pictures and jotting down some notes for this article.

After 30 minutes (okay more like 35 minutes since I took some pictures), I washed off the mask with just warm water.
**Okay- I have to say, there have been many face masks that I have loved; and many products that I recommend.. BUT - this one takes the CAKE and ALL the prizes in the world.**

So, instantly, my skin felt smoother!
I then applied some moisturizer by Perricone MD and that was the end of day 1.

Now, here's WHY I LOOOOVE this mask..
The next day my skin looked 10x better!!
I mean, my face was GLOWING! Soo bright; so clear and clean.
..That's not even the BEST part; okay, so I suffer from enlarged pores (since forever), but I try to reduce their appearance with many products (which is an entirely different article)... BUT, my pores were reduced DRAMATICALLY! I mean, like never before!
There has never been another product to work so efficiently on reducing the appearance of my pores as this one did! 

Two days later: Guess what!.. STILL my skin is GLOWING & MINIMALIZED PORES!

So, naturally, I went ahead and placed a re-order; but this time for the "Set" (4 applications).

*Their inspiration comes from the Lotus flower, in essence their belief/claim is that your skin will be renewed and "reborn" just as the significance behind the Lotus flower.



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