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Moisturizers (Click here to read)

Posted on September 22 2017

By now, you are probably aware that one of the cardinal rules in skincare is moisturizing; keeping your skin hydrated is not just important - its a MUST! 
But why? - Well, it's simple, if you don't moisturize your skin then it tends to become dry and dull; over time that dryness leads to cracking ( think of your lips when they get dry and after a while they crack ); and cracking of your skin is essentially lines.. pesky lines that turn into wrinkles!

So, back to taking care of your skin and moisturizing...
Personally, i am always trying new products and different methods to keep both my skin and body hydrated ( especially when finding the right cream is usually done by trial and error, and finding the right cream is key ). But, what I do always swear by is applying moisturizer every single day, day and night.

1) Chanel "Le Lift" Creme - The non-greasy texture is so silky, so it just goes on smoothly - truly leaving my skin feeling extra dewy and it smells really luxurious. Downside: Comes with a hefty price tag of $165, for a pretty small jar of only 1.7oz


2) Perricone MD "Cold Plasma Body" Lotion - I love using this body lotion on both my face and body since "Cold Plasma" has some of the most beneficial properties for skin, including firming, toning, reduction in appearance of fine lines and large pores, and so much more. Not too pricey at $110 for a nice size bottle of 8oz.


3) Vaseline - Cocoa Butter - I have been using coca butter since I was in high school at around age 14, and to this day I swear by it. Sure, I have updated my creams and lotions to expensive, brand-name, so-called "better" creams, but this thick lotion deeply moisturizes even the dryest of skins, and I will never part ways with it. I had a head start in moisturizing- starting very young when I would tan all day, everyday in high school to the point where my skin was about to peel, and I would slather my entire body in cocoa butter - saving my skin! This drug-store lotion is the most cost-efficient of the three, but should definitely not be overlooked!

4) Eminence Organic Skin Care "Hibiscus Ultra Lift Neck Cream" - This is another new cream that I have been using for a couple of months now. Okay, okay - does it really work? Hmm honestly I can't see a "uuuge" difference (Trump voice lol). But, I have been dealing with pesky little lines on my neck since high school, and since I am getting older now, I feel I need to go into action and do something before these lines become dreaded wrinkles. Don't get me wrong, I have asked my doctor several times to use his magical needles and use fillers, but to no avail. So, what attracted me to this specific cream? The ingredient Hibiscus; it is known to have an amazing effect on skin's elasticity (yes, our skin is elastic). Elastic is the protein contained in our skin which allows our skin to move freely, without breaking (lines, wrinkles). The Hibiscus plant has even been known as the "Botox plant", because of its amazing effects on firming and lifting; as well as its antioxidant properties (which help fight off air pollution- which NYC is congested with).
Cost for 1.7oz of this Hibiscus cream: about $100

Beauty Tip 101: When applying cream to your neck and décolleté area ( pretty french word for neck and cleavage area's), use a sweeping upwards and circular motion.


Happy Hydrating !

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