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Fitbit.. Charge 2 VS. Flex 2 (click here to read)

Posted on October 15 2017


Fitbit Charge 2     -vs-    Fitbit Flex 2 



You may have already seen many of these trendy watches on peoples wrists all over the place; especially at the gym. Well i recently jumped on the bandwagon and purchased two of these gadgets, and I instantly fell in love with Fitbit, for its style, design, and versatility.

First of all, for those of you who don’t know.. Fitbit is a company that produces fitness devices, such as fitness trackers, watches and even bluetooth-compatible smart-scales.
Their products are very simple to use and an excellent purchase if you are a fitness enthusiast, looking to drop some weight, or even just to keep track of and log your progress.

So lets get to it, and start with my personal reviews.

Fitbit Charge 2

The Charge 2 offers almost everything you need in a smart-fitness-watch!
The display features the time/date and show you how many steps you have taken.

You simply use your finger to tap through the screens and it will allow you to easily view the following:
-how many calories you burned
-as well as monitoring and showing your heart rate
-stairs climbed
-miles ran or walked

You can even set which hand you will wear the watch, for a more accurate reading!
The Charge 2 has only one button on its side, and with that allowing you to track certain workouts such as run, treadmill, bike, weights, elliptical, or basic workout.
With each tap to its side button, the
watch o
ffers a stopwatch, and even a
relax mode for either 2 or 5 min’s
(which is great for yoga enthusiast’s 
or even when you just need to wind down after a hectic day and just “relax”!)

This watch is super easy to use, and you can keep track of ALL of your progress using their “Fitbit” app; which is great to use if you wish to compare your workouts and achievements!

You can set your own customized workouts; log your weight loss/gain; and even log your water intake for each day!
You can even even set your own daily goals for steps; and calories you wish to burn for the day!


Not getting enough sleep? Sleeping too much?
You can now track that as well, with their sleep tracker!
So the Charge 2 that I bought is just amazing all around, and the color of the band is so cute: Teal!
Now the trackers themselves are
standard silver and come in a
few di
fferent color bands such
as Teal, Lavender or Black at a 
cost of $149.99

However, the bands are interchangeable so you can easily switch up the colors as you see “fit” to coordinate with your outfit!
There is another limited edition tracker that comes in gold for a higher price.

CON: NOT WATER RESISTANT, which now leads me over to the Fitbit Flex 2.


Fitbit Flex 2

The flex 2 does not track as much or offer as much as the Charge 2; however, this tracker IS water-resistant. Meaning you can go take a dip at the beach or go for a swim and no harm done; plus you will be tracking your swimming as a workout!

Since, this tracker is water-resistant, it does not have a screen like the Charge 2. Instead, the small tracker has LED lights that alerts and guides you. This one will set you back only $99.99.

Now, this tracker comes already equipped with two different size bands in the box (small & large). As opposed to the Charge 2, which comes 1 size band per box.

Similarly to the Charge 2, the Flex 2 will track steps taken; calories burned; and syncs easily to your smart- phone and log all of your progress on the Fitbit app.Charging both Flex 2 and Charge 2 is very easy. Both come with their own chargers and the trackers last around 72 hours or so before needing to be charged again
The bands are interchangeable as well!
I went with the Lavender, but you can purchase other colors that come in packs of 3!
Not only that but another awesome feature for the Flex 2 is since the tracker is so small, you can even put the tracker in special Fitbit Bangles, and necklaces!
So now you can look stylish; and accessorize your outfit whether you go out for lunch, or just to work; all the while secretly tracking your steps and calories!

Fitbit Flex2 - Accessories


So, i purchased the Fitbit bangle that comes in stainless steel.
Again - LOVE! Easy to use and a cute bracelet to enhance your outfit!

The tracker simply goes right into the top slot, and there you go!
You are now discreetly tracking your progress!

So, my overall favorite?
Hard to say because i dig both!

I’d say you need to figure out what you will be using the tracker for mainly. If you opting more for style and fashion - go for the Flex 2, and get the bangle and necklace!
If you will be mainly using your watch just to track fitness while you are working out only - then go for the Charge 2!

Here are both of the trackers -

P.S:  Fitbit's smart-scale called "Aria" is awesome - it syncs with the phone App and the watches! Look out for my next post soon talking all about my favorite scale!


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