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Let's Get Cold! (Click here to read)

Posted on September 22 2017

If you know anything about me, you know that I am constantly in search of new and exciting ways to look young, and stay fit (losing a couple lb's never hurts). Sometimes these methods are a little different than just new exercise routines or protein shakes.

So, what is this new technique I've discovered? Enter KRYOLIFE.
Okay, maybe its not so "new" per say, but it is one of the newer methods out now that is all the craze; used by people all over the world, including athletes and celebrities.

When I first heard about this on tv a while back I just knew I had to try it out... and let me tell you wow was I impressed!

Kryolife a.k.a cryotherapy is a form of cold therapy where temperatures reach lows from minus 180˚F to minus 240˚F of dry air, in other words its friggin' freezing! "Kryo" offers two types of treatments (face and body); with facial sessions lasting five minutes, and body sessions only lasting three minutes. Of course however, you can end the sessions sooner than that if it gets too cold for you to handle. Sessions are $40, or you can buy a package for $250 which lasts one year and instead of paying $40/session you pay $25.

The first time I went, I tried out the body session and immediately fell in love! Seriously, my favorite kind of treatment has become Kryo! First of all, I wanted to be comfortable so I dressed in workout clothes (good thing too, because you need to wear a sports bra during the procedure), and brought a bottle of water with me. I was instructed to go into a dressing room to get undressed, leaving only my sports bra (if you don't have one, they provide one - the metal wires in most bra's are a no-no), my underwear, and socks (provided) pulled all the way up past my knees, ugg slippers, and lastly a robe to come out in. I also had to make sure to take all jewelry off; I'm not sure how it would work with body piercings since I took all mine out a while back for the purpose of "adulting" haha.. no but really, I would assume piercings like belly rings would have to be taken out due to the metal? 
Anyhow, at this point now I'm all ready to go, and come out of the dressing room to greet the guy who works there. He walks me over to this machine that reminded me of a stand-up tanning booth, and I hop on in.. here's where it gets exciting. As i step inside, I can already start to feel the chill set in my body because the machine had been on ironically to get it "warmed up". I'm told to remove the robe and throw it over, as the chryosauna operator closed the door; so here I am now with my head and partially my neck sticking out, standing in just my sports bra, my thong, long socks, and a pair of these Ugg slippers; and all I can think to myself is "wow I should have worn full underwear today". 
Few seconds pass by, and I start to feel the cold hit in my thighs first. The chryosauna operator instantly tries to distract me with small talk, asking me random questions. My voice is trembling and my answers are quick; I barely manage to make out a full sentence when I blurt out "h-h-how much longer". Imagine my surprise when he says "it's only been forty seconds". Wow, that was the longest forty seconds of my life! I start to hop even faster from side to side (yes I had been hopping almost immediately after entering), and start shaking my arms around. But it got to the point where I needed to lift my arms up and out by my exposed head; my arms were literally freezing! Everything was freezing actually, but my arms and thighs were the worst. Imagine the coldest day in winter times 10. 
More time passed. I was regretting ever trying this, but I lowered my arms again back into the freezer, and I toughened it out. I think I asked the same question about 5 times, "how much longer". I couldn't bare the cold any longer. I could have easily gotten out at any time and finally put a rest to the blistering cold. But I was intent on finishing the full session. Finally, I hear the three magic words "last ten seconds", and he starts counting down enthusiastically as if he were in the booth with me. "Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, four, three, two.."
Well, well, well, I did it! I felt as if I had successfully finished running in the New York City Marathon. The Kryo operator handed me the robe from over the top, and I hopped out of that booth so quickly that I almost stumbled forgetting all about the little step ladder right outside the booth to get inside. I was shivering and found myself literally hopping and jumping up and down like a maniac with a smile on my face from ear to ear. I felt energized  I felt like the energizer bunny on 5 red bulls  The energy that came over me was insane and felt like I could go run in the New York City Marathon. It was an exhilarating feeling, and the energy, oh the energy.. it was not the kind of energy filled with jitters after drinking one too many red bulls either. It was a euphoric energy; the sheer bliss that came over me was amazing.. Now dont get me wrong I was still cold and that feeling of pins and needles was still there in my thighs, so much so that I actually, for a quick second, thought I may have gotten frost bite, however the euphoria I was feeling was a pleasant distraction. I mean, I still asked the Kryo operator a few questions all the while doing my maniacal jumps; some questions crazier than others: "I can't feel my legs, is this normal?" "Do I have frost-bite?" "Will the pins and needles go away?"

On my following visit, I got a chance to try out the facial session. It basically worked as an anti-inflammatory, and relieved me of any and all puffiness! As I laid down, the chryosauna operator used a handheld device and carefully went over my entire face. I lasted only about 4 minutes, however as I wanted to again make sure my skin had a good reaction. It felt like a nice cold breeze; definitely not as intense as the body treatment. And.. well.. I was sold! I purchased the yearly package.
According to Kryo, cellulite reduction and increased collagen production are among the many benefits you get out of freezing' yourself.  I mentioned athletes are known to use Kryo because treatments alleviate pain and muscle soreness. My favorite benefit however, is that each treatment boosts your metabolism, burning up to 500-800 calories! Plus, the insane energy surge you get from using cold therapy is the perfect "warm-up" lol no pun intended; for your workout. 

So, if you think you can handle a little cold and are up for trying something new, then find yourself the nearest KryoLife facility!
In Staten Island, KryoLife is available at Intoxx Fitness on Richmond Valley Road and their website is


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