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Katch Up With Katty...

 About the Company

Katty's Kloset N.Y.C was launched in February, 2016.
It is an independent company; controlled, operated, and managed entirely by Kathleen.
Starting out as a small online boutique for women's clothing, Katty's Kloset faced many challenges, which ultimately led to an entire revamp or "rebirth" as Kat likes to call it.
With a passion for writing; founder and CEO, Kat took the company in a slightly different direction and worked very hard in re-creating her website into a Webzine or E-Magazine, which still features a small boutique, as well as countless articles similar to a magazine.
Focusing on her own interests and passion, the all new web-zine is loaded with articles on topics such as fashion, arts, home decor, health/lifestyle, beauty, and more!
In hopes of resembling more like a magazine and less like a blog; sections for horoscope and even "weather in N.Y.C" are featured on the website.
Her website also includes a shop, with items ranging from women's clothing and accessories; with plans to expand into children's clothing eventually in order to reach a wider customer base.
Every piece added is personally hand-picked; selected and curated by Kat.

About the Founder

Kathleen (Kat) founded Katty's Kloset N.Y.C in February, 2016.
She began her company while in college, with majors in Journalism, and Business. As a perfectionist, it became too difficult managing both her studies, and new business venture. Despite priding herself in the 4.0 GPA (which she maintained throughout her college semesters), and the three honor societies she was apart of, she decided to end school early upon launching Katty's Kloset N.Y.C.

Early Life

At the age of 18, Kat began working at one of the top home linen & textiles company in New York City. She quickly learned all in's and out's and became the top supervisor overseeing everything from imports/shipments, product/packaging design, window decorating, day-day operations, order processing, and more.
Combining her knowledge, experience and passions, Kat launched her webzine/shop, and is currently working on other projects, including her own clothing label.
Her webzine is filled with articles closely resembling more of an authentic magazine, rather than just another blog on the web.

New York City

Another passion is seen often all throughout her work; and is usually made a focal point that is hard to be ignored.
Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York; with brief stints living in Queens and Staten Island; Kat grew up idolizing the New York City lifestyle.
The 5'1, fast-paced, smart-smouthed, brunette attributes her environment for making her an independent and creative a go-getter, without much of a care for what others say about her.
This moxie attitude is what ultimately allowed her to go after her dreams; plus living in one of the worlds fashion capitals being New York City, only strengthened her confidence.


Kat leads a life full of adventure, always interested in experiencing new things.
She enjoys living an active and healthy lifestyle by working out and eating healthy (with yoga and roller-blading as her favorite activities.)
As a self-proclaimed writer, she is passionate about writing. This is one of her top hobbies, that she hopes to make a career out of. At just the ripe young age of 11, Kat knew she had a flare and love for writing.
Whether it is writing about the latest styles, trending bags and shoes, reviews on beauty products, expressing her thoughts and feelings, and even poetry; chances are you will always find her writing something down, or thinking about what she will write next.
Reading, is another one of her top hobbies, right alongside writing. She very much enjoys unwinding with a good book in her hand; and her home is decorated with coffee-table books (supporting her love for home decor as well.)
It is Kat's artistic edge, which she attributes for her love of arts; enjoying trips to art galleries and museums.
With the belief of paying it forward, Kat enjoys giving back and lending a helping hand with volunteer work under her belt.
Shopping and keeping up with her beauty regimen is part of her downtime as well.
Kat likes to stay ahead of trends; yet oftentimes found herself actually being the trendsetter. Mixing and matching; accessorizing; engaging in different colors; combining unique pieces; altogether with her perspective belief and opinion that art is a major component in fashion allows her to have fun and play with different styles.
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